BASTOS DAW is my favorite song of ANDREW E. He’s a rap icon and he’s one of my idols in the music industry. I really like his open-minded and hilarious style of rapping.  His critics accuse him of being “bastos” or indecent because of his songs/lyrics. But Andrew E. was right by saying, “my songs are dirty if you have a dirty mind”. In my own translation- walang bastos sa bukas na kaisipan. In our present Entertainment Industry,  I am considered as the most “BASTOS” performer. The Mocha Girls and I have been banned in several occasions. We were scheduled to perform in an alumni homecoming for an all-boys school. The priests reprimanded the alumni batch organizers for getting us because they said we were insinuating sex.  And so they canceled the Mocha Girls.  Instead, they invited “sexy stars” in their skimpy outfits to perform mediocre dance numbers. Hypocrisy don’t you think? In another instance, one entertainment venue in Ortigas, with the same concept of Metrowalk and Bluewave banned us after performing for a radio tour/show. The owners said we were “TOO BASTOS”. They claimed to be “Born Again” christians and said they can’t tolerate such “worldly” performance. It’s a nightlife & entertainment place for crying out loud! It’s not a church! You’re selling booze! People drink and get drunk! Don’t you think that’s “worldly”? Now that’s ultimate hypocrisy!

I maybe the “horniest performer” out there but I am WHOLESOME. What is “wholesome” anyway? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1. : promoting health or well-being of mind or spirit

2 promoting health of body

3 : sound in body, mind, or morals

4. clean

I am promoting health and well-being. I have morals! I maybe horny but I have rules and principles. I am Pro-RH (Responsible Horniness):

1. Never mess with guys/girls who are not single (unless their partners are willing to share)

2. Always use protection. Great safe sex is the best!

3. For my young followers, stay virgin as long as you can. Nothing wrong with being a “solo” artist. Practice makes perfect.

Sad to say, we live in a world full of hypocrites. There are celebrities out there who present themselves as “wholesome” but in reality are professional prostitutes. Give them 150k pesos and they’re yours for a night. I may not present myself as “wholesome” but I don’t fuck for money. There are also some directors of TV shows/networks who take advantage of artists. You can be a regular part of that show only if you have sex with the director. Showbiz is a dirty world. Because of the stigma attached to being an entertainer, my management and I are very strict with the Mocha Girls. We don’t entertain “sponsors”, dirty old men, politicians, etc. We don’t tolerate prostitution in our group. This is the reason why former members were axed from the group.

People can say anything they want about me. They can accuse me of being “bastos” – because I promote safe sex, I encourage the youth to use protection (condom), I encourage couples to enjoy sex, I’m fearless, I say what’s on my mind, I’m open-minded, I don’t give a fuck about what people say, etc.  Call me “BASTOS” all you want but I AM NOT A WHORE.

In line with the so-called “Holy Week”, which I don’t think is “holy” anymore (party-time-get-drunk-in-Boracay), I am not going to post nude or sexy images here. Instead, I would like to share with you Mocha Girls new music video of our song “IPADARAMA”. A song which reminds us to appreciate our loved ones while they’re still here. Something to reflect on this season of Lent. Click to watch the video:


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3 Stars and a Sun…And Sex

The Mocha Girls and I were so proud of our 2012 calendar. Like our 3rd album, the concept was to pay tribute to Filipino women. Filipinas are considered as among the most beautiful women of the world.   They are the “ideal woman”of most men because of their extraordinary beauty and attitude. Filipinas are family-oriented and will strive hard to keep her family intact. Our country is a nation of strong women.

To show some PINAY pride, we decided to use the Philippine Flag symbols as body paint for our calendar. Apparently, once again, this caught the attention of the NHI (National Historical Institute). An official said we were setting a bad example to the youth because we’re TOO SEXY.

Bad example? It really pisses me off every time I hear this accusation from hypocrites. We may be sexy but we are NOT promoting sex. We are promoting SAFE SEX. We are educating the youth to protect themselves. That it’s OK to use condom contrary to what the church says. Sex EXISTS and it’s more STUPID not to talk about it. One of my followers tweeted me and he said that the priests are preaching that masturbation is a sin. Of course it’s NOT! It’s a natural sexual behavior! Everyone does it, including our priests! Masturbation or solo sex is the safest form of sex.  If you don’t like it, then stop it. In order for the youth to be guided accordingly about their sexuality, there should be a separation of church and sex. We need CREDIBLE Professional Sexuality Educators! Attention Mr. President! Stop “NOYNOYING” and Pass the RH BILL NOW before it’s too late!

Anyway,here’s the behind-the-scene video from our 2012 calendar. Thanks to the the award-winning and international renowned photographer Mr. Lito Sy for this wonderful shoot. (Body paint by: Knicolai Mendoza)

                                                            MOCHA GIRLS 3rd ALBUM



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The Mocha Girls and I have been touring different parts of the world. We’ve performed several times in Dubai, Bahrain, Guam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. It seems everywhere we go, there are Filipinos. During our tour, we were so happy to meet fellow Filipinas who follow the Mocha Girls on Facebook and Twitter. They enjoyed our performances and were also proud of us because even their expat friends were impressed. But most of all, we are more proud of these Filipinas – working abroad away from their families. International companies hire Filipinos because of our confidence in our competence. We value our work, take pride in our jobs and strive to do our best. We are hard workers. We’re also well versed in both written and spoken English. We can easily comprehend instructions, can work lengthy hours and deliver results. We are the world’s finest!
The Mocha Girls and I want to uplift Filipinas all over the world through our music. There have been songs written about patriotism and devotion to our country such as NOYPI (Bamboo), PINOY AKO (Orange and Lemons), etc. But why hasn’t there been any song about PINAYS? Then came the birth of “PINAY AKO”.

“PINAY AKO” was written and composed by award-winning composer Francisco “Kix” Salazar. It’s an empowering song for Filipino women of our generation. We chose this as our 3rd album’s title to emphasize “girl power”. Since March is Women’s Month, we decided to make a music video for PINAY AKO as a tribute to all the Filipinas. Our director Joey de Guzman, the management and I brainstormed about what would be the best symbol for the video. Joey is a Filipino film student based in New Zealand. He said that Filipinos abroad feel proud whenever they see the Philippine Flag or its symbols on TV. We thought it was a good idea so we wore Philippine Flag inspired jackets on our music video.

After shooting the video, we were surprised to find out in the news that the NHI (National Historical Institute) wanted to call for us. The official said that we disrespected the Philippine flag in our music video. He also noticed my Philippine Flag inspired body paint on our 2012 calendar and said it was disrespectful. He said he’s afraid that the youth will imitate us because we’re TOO sexy. NHI wanted to call for us to explain our actions or else we’ll be fined or put in jail.

They want to penalize us and put us in jail because we’re TOO sexy? Why is it ok for Manny Pacquiao to wear Philippine flag jackets, shirts, shorts, etc. and we can’t? Is it because we’re TOO sexy? I don’t understand this double standard. Please don’t be too quick to judge us. Watch the video first. We just want to promote patriotism and love for our country. This video is dedicated to all the hard-working Pinays. Happy Women’s Month!


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FHM (Fail Horny Magazine)

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I’ve been busy with MOCHA GIRLS album and my online TV show w/ Mae called “MOCHA BLOG LIVE” on Flippish.Com. But because I was so enraged with FHM’s March cover, I can’t help but give my two cents and share my opinion on this issue. First of all, I’m NOT mad nor angry at the cover girl, Bela Padilla. (As a matter of fact, I don’t know her. I’m not aware of her projects and TV shows.) She just followed the FHM people. She’s the victim here. No offense FHM creative team – blind or blind? Look at Bela (Mestiza/Fair-skinned) posing between three dark-skinned models with the caption “stepping out of the shadows”. The cover simply implies that women who are fair-skinned/Mestiza/white are superior than brown/dark-skinned/black women. To me, this is OFFENSIVE, DISCRIMINATING and RACIST. If there was nothing wrong about the cover, then it would have not attracted lots of negative attention from the international press.

Racism still exists around the world. It may not be as bad as what it used to be. But racism still exists in today’s society. Here’s an example of stupid racism. If someone wants to buy a “cheap” mobile phone, we’ll say get a “China phone”. We assume it’s low-quality phone because it’s made in China. So does it mean that you can’t trust all Chinese-made products? Are we forgetting Apple’s iPad/iPhone? They’re all made in China!

Racism is still a global issue. Children with dark skin are bullied in schools. Human rights group all over the world are doing their best in healing all forms of racism and bullying. But with FHM’s extreme insensitivity, the caption “stepping out of the shadows” with dark-skinned girls on the background, just adds salt to the wound. I was bullied for years because I was dark. They called me names like “negrita”, “baluga”, “ita”, etc. I felt so ugly and insecure. But I’ve learned to love and accept my color. I am proud to be “KAYUMANGGI” (brown). I’m proud of my color. I will never change my color. Black is beautiful. All dark-skinned girls should be told they’re beautiful. They are not “SHADOWS”.

When I posted this issue, I had different reactions on my Facebook page/Twitter- both positive and negative. Some of my critics thought that I’m jealous of Bela Padilla because she’s on the cover and that I’m nothing but sourgraping. That I was bitter because Bela’s mestiza and I’m morena. To my critics- for your information, I’ve graced covers of different men’s magazines in the past. My MAXIM Philippines (FHM’s greatest rival) cover was the best-selling issue so far. I’m done with the “sexy” image thing. I am now concentrating on my advocacies – Breast Cancer Awareness and Sex Education.
I will only pose nude/naked for the advancement of my advocacies. I don’t need to be on that magazine’s cover to tell the world that I’m sexy. And I’m not bitter because I’m not mestiza or fair-skinned. I’m proud of my color. I love my brown nipples. If you’re one of my O-peeps, you know who I am and where I’m coming from.

This is my opinion. If you don’t like it, I respect you. Some people just choose to be ignorant about the issue. I hope next time, FHM will be a little sensitive. They should come up with a different tactic in raising their dying low readership. Obviously, their horniness has taken over their little brains. People around the world are making a joke out of us pinoys because of this. Read worldwide blogs/articles criticizing us because of this FHM stupidity.

Here’s the insensitive cover of FHM March issue:

Here are some snapshots from my Women’s Month Campaign pictorial. Thanks to Ruel Tafalla of Lens Mates Studio.



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I get a lot of questions on my email (, Facebook and Twitter regarding the RH Bill. What is RH Bill? Why do I support it? Would it help solve poverty in the Philippines? Does it promote abortion? Why is the Catholic Church against it?

The Mocha Girls and I are very active in promoting RH Bill for the following reasons:

1. Our country is over-populated. Whenever I see street kids begging for food and money, I wonder where their parents are. What will happen to these kids as they grow up? Who will educate them if their poor and uneducated parents are busy making more babies? The unemployment rate in our country continues to increase and so does criminality.

2. Teenage Pregnancy is increasing. A lot of young high school girls are getting pregnant. She maybe our neighbor or even a relative. When I first published my email (, I received lots of interesting stories. Some were good, hot sexperiences and some were pretty disturbing. A young 15 year old girl emailed me and told me that she’s troubled because her period’s delayed. She told me she just had unprotected sex. They did NOT use protection cuz her boyfriend said that condoms were unpleasurable.

3. Ignorance of the RH BILL. I asked my brother what does he think of the RH Bill. He said he’s anti-RH Bill. I asked him why? “Because our school said so”, he said. My younger brother is studying in UST, my alma mater. Like any other students, he is clueless about the RH Bill. He said that the RH Bill was bad or evil because the priests say so.

Yes, there are many people who are AGAINST RH BILL because of plain IGNORANCE. I will not explain RH BILL like what you see in other blogs. But I will try my best to simplify & summarize the RH BILL for everyone to simply understand it.

What is RH BILL?
RH BILL or REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL summary of provision:

1. SEX EDUCATION is required from grade five to fourth year high school.

Anti-RH BILL supporters say- It is the parents’ responsibility to teach their children about sex education.

I SAY- How can parents teach their children about SEX if they themselves are uneducated. Would you rather be taught about sex by your parents or a professional teacher? In a CLASS D & E society, would you trust the irresponsible parents to teach their children about sex? They can’t even teach them proper hygiene so how would they teach SEX in a very responsible way?

Even if the RH Bill was passed, the parents still have the right to decide whether to allow their child to take Sex Education. At least the government is giving them access to sex education.


Anti-RH say – Natural Family Planning is the only acceptable method in God’s Eyes.

I say- Religion is something debatable. Not all Filipinos are Catholic. Educate the people and let them be the one to decide which is moral or not.The Government through Barangays will not only educate the people but the Government will make sure the Contraceptives are available especially to the poor areas. 

3. Although abortion is recognized as illegal and punishable by law, the bill states that, “the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.”

Anti- RH say – RH Bill promotes abortion.

I Say- the “right” use of Contraceptives will PREVENT abortion. “Sinners” , as how the church would call them, should not be condemned. They should be educated and helped so they wouldn’t repeat their mistake.

What pisses me the most is that Anti-RH insists the RH Bill promotes sex. Such hypocrites! Sex exists everywhere! That’s why we need to educate the youth about it. I receive lots of emails about girls being lied to by their boyfriends. Saying that condoms are not cool, not effective and not as fun and can even trigger AIDS/HIV just so they can have unprotected sex! One girl told me that she and her bf are doing the withdrawal method. The guy pulls out his penis from the vagina when he’s about to come. The problem is guys can ejaculate without them even knowing it. Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is a clear fluid that comes out of male’s penis before they ejaculate. Although it is a small amount the girl can still get pregnant and contract STD’s (sexually transmitted disease) from it. That’s why the withdrawal method is NOT effective. Proper use of CONDOM can prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

Lastly, we should all be alarmed by the increasing incidence of AIDS/HIV in our country. Research say there’s an estimated 11,000 undocumented and unreported HIV and AIDS cases in the country since 2008. The incidence of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines is hidden and growing. Now that’s pretty scary. Did you know that AIDS/HIV symptoms take years (even 10 years!) before they appear? So, if you had unprotected sex 9 years ago, it is still possible for you to have HIV/AIDS now. That’s why I encourage everyone to practice safe sex. Use condom! These facts can only be learned thru Sex Education and not through our parents alone. Only Sex Education experts can provide us with this kind of information. This is what I am fighting for- BE EDUCATED and LIVE FREE!

As I have said, there are more explanations regarding the scope of RH BILL. I don’t claim to be an expert on this. I want you to understand and embrace the RH BILL. Do some research and study the RH BIll. Don’t just believe the PRIESTS. RH Bill not solely the answer to POVERTY in our country. But this one helps a lot. So whether you are a celebrity, an Executive or an ordinary Citizen – it’s time to stand against what the Catholic Church is saying.

Forgive me father, but YOU have sinned. You have been lying to the people. RH Bill is Pro-Life!


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MAXIMCvr_mocha Apr09Final (Medium)

Once and for all, am I a Lesbian?

About a year ago, photos of me and Hershey kissing appeared on the pages of an entertainment tabloid.  The newspaper directly accused us as lesbians. We tried to defend ourselves by answering all the questions that link us to the controversy.  I’ve also included some questions that are still popping on my Facebook.

I am not a lesbian. I am bisexual. I am attracted to women as much as I am attracted to men. Lesbian loves women. Bisexual loves women and men. They are different.

I get bored easily.  I like having sex with both. I’ll make sure my future  BF/HUSBAND would be open to the idea of having girls in our sex life.

If I deny that I am bisexual they would say it’s a publicity stunt.
If I admit that I am bisexual they would still say it’s a publicity stunt.

People in the show business and entertainment circuit advise me not to admit anything as it will trigger more questions and I will have more TV exposure.  I don’t want any of that. I JUST WANT TO BE REAL AND BE COMFORTABLE WITH MY SEXUALITY. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

Yes. These are the behind-the-scene videos from  my blog on Maxim Philippines. I had sex and taped it on video.

First of all, my group (MOCHA GIRLS) are real, professional and talented performers/dancers. We are not like other girl groups who are models turned singers/dancers. WE DON’T NEED THE VIDEOS to become famous. We practice hard to make our shows worth watching. If you have seen our shows you know what I am talking about. I make these videos because I LIKE  IT, I LOVE IT and I WILL KEEP ON DOING IT. I love watching my sex videos over and over again especially when I am in the mood for touching.

Yes, there are more videos with celebrities and non-celebrities. But I only publish those who agree to be part of my blog.

If  you don’t like my videos, then don’t watch them. If you don’t like my blog, then don’t read it. I’m enjoying my life. Try to enjoy yours.


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