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FHM (Fail Horny Magazine)

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. I’ve been busy with MOCHA GIRLS album and my online TV show w/ Mae called “MOCHA BLOG LIVE” on Flippish.Com. But because I was so enraged with FHM’s March cover, I can’t help but give my two cents and share my opinion on this issue. First of all, I’m NOT mad nor angry at the cover girl, Bela Padilla. (As a matter of fact, I don’t know her. I’m not aware of her projects and TV shows.) She just followed the FHM people. She’s the victim here. No offense FHM creative team – blind or blind? Look at Bela (Mestiza/Fair-skinned) posing between three dark-skinned models with the caption “stepping out of the shadows”. The cover simply implies that women who are fair-skinned/Mestiza/white are superior than brown/dark-skinned/black women. To me, this is OFFENSIVE, DISCRIMINATING and RACIST. If there was nothing wrong about the cover, then it would have not attracted lots of negative attention from the international press.

Racism still exists around the world. It may not be as bad as what it used to be. But racism still exists in today’s society. Here’s an example of stupid racism. If someone wants to buy a “cheap” mobile phone, we’ll say get a “China phone”. We assume it’s low-quality phone because it’s made in China. So does it mean that you can’t trust all Chinese-made products? Are we forgetting Apple’s iPad/iPhone? They’re all made in China!

Racism is still a global issue. Children with dark skin are bullied in schools. Human rights group all over the world are doing their best in healing all forms of racism and bullying. But with FHM’s extreme insensitivity, the caption “stepping out of the shadows” with dark-skinned girls on the background, just adds salt to the wound. I was bullied for years because I was dark. They called me names like “negrita”, “baluga”, “ita”, etc. I felt so ugly and insecure. But I’ve learned to love and accept my color. I am proud to be “KAYUMANGGI” (brown). I’m proud of my color. I will never change my color. Black is beautiful. All dark-skinned girls should be told they’re beautiful. They are not “SHADOWS”.

When I posted this issue, I had different reactions on my Facebook page/Twitter- both positive and negative. Some of my critics thought that I’m jealous of Bela Padilla because she’s on the cover and that I’m nothing but sourgraping. That I was bitter because Bela’s mestiza and I’m morena. To my critics- for your information, I’ve graced covers of different men’s magazines in the past. My MAXIM Philippines (FHM’s greatest rival) cover was the best-selling issue so far. I’m done with the “sexy” image thing. I am now concentrating on my advocacies – Breast Cancer Awareness and Sex Education.
I will only pose nude/naked for the advancement of my advocacies. I don’t need to be on that magazine’s cover to tell the world that I’m sexy. And I’m not bitter because I’m not mestiza or fair-skinned. I’m proud of my color. I love my brown nipples. If you’re one of my O-peeps, you know who I am and where I’m coming from.

This is my opinion. If you don’t like it, I respect you. Some people just choose to be ignorant about the issue. I hope next time, FHM will be a little sensitive. They should come up with a different tactic in raising their dying low readership. Obviously, their horniness has taken over their little brains. People around the world are making a joke out of us pinoys because of this. Read worldwide blogs/articles criticizing us because of this FHM stupidity.

Here’s the insensitive cover of FHM March issue:

Here are some snapshots from my Women’s Month Campaign pictorial. Thanks to Ruel Tafalla of Lens Mates Studio.



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